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fininho e crocante
sem glúten
sem lactose
Vegetable Chips! Tasty Healthy!
Batata Doce
chips solo snacks

We develop products based on fruits and vegetables, minimally processed and with healthier ingredients.

Vegetable snacks from Solo Snacks are delicious, thin, dry and crunchy. Cassava, Sweet Potato and Mix flavors.

Lightly seasoned with Himalayan salt and made with coconut and palm oil.

It is Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose Free and Trans Fat Free.

Sweet Potato - 27kcal
Cassava - 45kcal
Sweet Potato and Cassava Mix - 125kcal

CHIPS mandioca solo snacks
CHIPS batata doce solo snacks
Solo Snacks-batatadoce-9.jpg
Sweet Potato
27 calories
Solo Snacks-misto-3 (1) (1).jpg
125 calories
Solo Snacks-mandioca-6.jpg
45 calories
Chips Mandioca
Chips de Vegetais
Chips Mix Solo Snacks
Chips de Mandioca
Chips de Batata Doce
Chips Mix
Chips de Mandioca
Chips de Batata Doce
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