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Painel solar Farm8


Being sustainable for Solo Snacks means anticipating and following the expectations of a society in constant evolution. Who wants better, healthy, flavorful and sustainable food experiences.

Sustainable Development Goals



Voluntários de Caridade

End Hunger

Until August 2022, we donated 1 ton of fresh fruit, in partnership with the fashion brand Reserva and the NGO Banco de Alimentos.

For each Fruits line snack sold, 1 portion of fresh fruit is donated.

Um investigador que verifica vegetais num laboratório

Innovation and Technology

We invest in Research and Development of new products through processes that little change the characteristics of food, because our focus is to enjoy the best that the soil can offer us.


Sustainable Production

We avoid wasting tens of tons of fruit annually.

The lyophilization process of Fruta Pocket, allows the conservation of the fruit for up to 2 years, without the addition of preservatives.

Mulheres em forma

Healthy life

We develop deliciously healthy snacks. With as few ingredients as possible, keeping the flavor of fruits and vegetables.

We encourage you to balance what you Eat, Drink and Do.

Contrato Digital


We take into account stakeholder expectations. We work in compliance with applicable legislation. Agility characteristics of a startup, with responsible financial management.

painéis solares

Clean and Renewable Energy

Fruta Pocket Production: more than 87% clean energy (Wind, Solar and Hydraulic)

Production of Vegetable Chips: more than 62% clean energy (Wind, Solar and Hydraulic)

Todas as mãos

Partnerships and Development

In addition to collab with the fashion brand Reserva, we have relationships with other companies to improve the efficiency of our processes and reduce costs for common consumers.

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